Hi, my 2001 530i has been a joy but a recent problem has me stumped. Fuse 13 (power driver's seat and steering wheel) blows instantly unless the large connector under the driver's seat is disconnected, pointing to a short circuit under the seat.

I've removed the front two seat bolts but cannot access the rear bolts without moving the seat forward. But I cannot get power to the seat without blowing Fuse 13.

My question is this: is there anywhere I can apply 12 VDC to actuate the fore/aft seat adjustment motor? None of the pins in the power seat controller on the side of the seat seem to connect directly to the motors. The wiring diagrams in the Bentley manual are unclear, and the seat memory controls in the door complicate things further.

Does anyone know the pinout of the large connector under the seat? Do those pins connect directly to the seat motors? That seems like my last hope but if anyone has any other ideas, I'm out of ideas myself and would really appreciate your input.