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    ASC - What is it?

    Recently acquired 2000 XJ8, fast approaching 60k miles. Please forgive my ignorance, but can someone help explain what "ASC" is? This morning, accelerating from a crawl over what I think was a patch of ice, (after having car washed yesterday) "ASC not available" message came on for a few moments. I've read enough threads to understand that if it happens again and regularly, something has to happen to clean, fix or replace something faulty. But what exactly is ASC? In what circumstances is the warning normal or valid? Perhaps accelerating from a crawl over ice? What does it mean I should do in the moment? I did not see/notice any ABS light or message... Thanks, Bill

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    This tells all....

    ASC stands for Automatic Stability Control
    from Autoworld.com:
    Automatic Stability Control (ASC) operates at all speeds, using engine intervention to control wheel slip. ASC is engineered to provide optimum take-off performance on low-restriction surfaces. It regulates engine output by controlling throttle, ignition timing and cylinder fuel cutoff. In a rear wheel starts to spin, the anti-lock brake control module uses information from the multiplex Controller-Area Network (CAN) system to signal the throttle to reduce torque. Ignition and fueling return to normal as the throttle reaches the correct position. The traction control system, working with ASC, can apply each rear brake independently. Traction control employs the anti-lock control module to apply braking pressure to the spinning wheel, diverting torque to the wheel with traction. It is effective during initial acceleration on a slippery road, particularly on a split-friction surface, when tires on each side encounter different road conditions. Both ASC and traction control can be switched off when using snow chains or when powering out of deep, soft snow or sand. All Jaguars are fitted with ASC. In the United States, traction control is standard on the XJR and optional on all other models; traction control is standard on all models in Canada and Mexico.

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