Hi All,
Car is now 12 years old with 115K miles, (8 cyl car). I did the VCG job about 7 or 8 years ago (approx 70K miles ago), and they are starting to slowly leak again and cause the stinky burning oil smell as the drop of oil hits the hot exhaust header near the rear of the head. Not loosing much oil at all, but it does cause the annoying smell sometimes.

Last time, I did the total strip down and repaint of the covers (I did not paint in the gasket groove). I used an additional sealant (permatex rubber gasket prep) on all gaskets and bolt donuts. The repair worked for a good long time, but needs a redo now.

I followed some of the great tips on this site. They are unbelievably helpful!!!

Anyone have longer VCG life than this example on a daily driver?

Anyone try Silicone (RTV) or some other additional sealant with good success?

I am really trying to pin down what works best to get the longest lasting repair.

Use a sealant? Don't use a sealant? What type of sealant? etc.

Related to topic: Anyone try to invent a small sheetmetal shield to stop the very small drip at the back of the head from dripping directly on the hot header?

Car still runs excellent, but is due for some suspension work soon and these VCG's. Suspension is 100% original except for the thrust bushings I replaced (Rajaie used some of my input on his write up on that procedure)

Thanks for any and all comments. Much appreciated.