1997 528i with 170K miles. I am currently in Afghanistan (will be home in 2 more weeks) so I am getting this second hand. The daughter was coming home late last night when she said the ABS light came on and the car would barely move. She managed to make it home, but the "car will just barely move". The Check Engine Light is NOT on but the ABS Light IS on. From what I have read on prior posts, it's either the ABS Module or one of the ABS Wheel Sensors, but none of the prior posts describe the car not wanting to move.

I'm thinking that the module is telling the brakes to come on while the car is moving, thus the brakes are preventing the car from moving. I tried to ascertain from the girls if the engine was running properly, but could not get an answer that I could rely upon. The absence of the Check Engine Light being on tells me the engine is fine.

What do you guys think??? Am I on the right track????

p.s.: Afghanistan is dusty and cold.Gordon Jones
1997 528i