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    2001 X5 caught fire

    Driving down the expressway two days ago and flames began pouring out from under the hood, by the time I barely got the thing pulled over before choaking on the smoke from the dash. Once the fire ddepartment got done with it there was little left under the hood, and it was ttld.

    This thing nearly killed me and I am now whithout a car. Does anyone out there have any recomendations as to where to go from here?

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    Robert Platt Bell
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    Buy another car?

    Cars catch fire for a number of reasons, and no make or model is immune from this.

    Some are more prone than others - for example, Ford used to use rubber hoses on the pressure side of the fuel pump, which had a tendency to rot out, and then spray gasoline all over the hot manifold.

    GM used steel pipe, which sounds good, until it stress cracks. No make or model is immune.

    Ford also has had electrical problems in the past - the steering wheel key switch issue, and then the infamous cruise control switch (which inexpliciably, was powered on and unfused, even when the ignition was shut off).

    I am not aware of BMW X5s having any fire history or specific fire problem.

    Your fire could have been from the cyclone separator (which when the hoses break, can shower the engine with oil) or from a broken fuel line (there is a rubber part, which could rot out over time) or from some electrical issue, or who knows?

    If you have comprehensive insurance, it should pay out the book value of the car - enough to go buy a similar one. That is what insurance is for.

    Or, if you are like me, and rather be a risk-taker, you save a lot of money on insurance, put that money in the bank, and use it to buy another car if the one you have gets totaled.

    That's how it works with 10-year-old cars. You either get insurance or assume the risk.

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