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    Driveshaft /Chasis Lube points

    New to the X5 (E53) vehicle and was doing some routine maintenance on it. Does the E53 have chasis lube points....or driveshaft lube points? I was under the vehicle for a good 15-20 minutes with a flashlight looking for any type of grease valves...but didn't see any. I noticed a couple of u-joints in the driveshaft, but they were sealed u-j that can't be greased.

    If there are grease valves, can you please direct me where to go/find them.

    in advance, thanks

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    Re: Driveshaft /Chasis Lube points

    There are none on BMWs. Well, there might be one on the steering rack or knuckle, whichever your car comes with.

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    Sealed for life (not your life)

    Zerk fittings have been going away since the 1960's. Ball joints were first, followed quickly by tie rods, U-joints, etc.

    The ball joints and tie rods on the X5 are sealed for life - their life, not yours. In a typical BMW, these get loose after 70-100K, although my X5 seems fairly tight after 110,000 miles - no shimmy or wobble.

    The front and rear axles use Constant Velocity (CV) or what some folks call Rzeppa joints. They are also lubed and sealed, with CV boot bellows. These bellows DO crack over time, particularly the front ones. Inspect them for cracks. If you see grease all over the place, chances are, one has cracked (many early cars did this at about 30,000 miles - the replacements seem to last longer).

    While you are under there, inspect the Guibo (flex disc) at the output of the transmission for cracks and tears. Some age cracking is normal, but any deep crack or tear is a sign it should be replaced. Also the center bearing mount (which is runner) can crack. I haven't had these problem with this car, but on other BMWs, I've seen them go South. The center bearing, as well as the wheel bearings, are sealed for life as well. Again, their life, not yours.

    The power rack and pinion is self-lubricated with power steering fluid and should require no lubrication. There is a "knuckle" on the steering shaft that does get dry sometime (at least on E36's) but I've never found a zerk fitting on them (I just sprayed with white lithium grease).

    Most of the fluids (transmission, transfer case, differential) are "lifetime fluids". I replaced mine at 100,000 miles (I would do an anutomatic more often, I have a 5-speed) - but be sure to use the correct compatible fluid.

    I also replaced the fuel filter at 100K as a preventative measure.

    Radiator coolant (BMW coolant and distilled water, 50/50 mix) should be replaced about every 2-3 years. Be sure not to warp the head with an air bubble - bleed the system properly!

    Ditto for brake fluid - it should be flushed every couple of years - don't neglect the clutch slave cylinder!

    That's about it, other than oil changes. For the most part, this has been a fairly reliable car.

    For a BMW, that is.

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