Hi Group,

It was suggested to me that getting the "perfect" sound for these very quite cars is to just cut off the final muffler, add straight pipe back in with a new tip (this saves the muffler and original tip in case I don't like the new sound)

Question is ... has anyone gone this route already and what do you think of the sound?

I'd like a little something better / louder then stock when I get on it but no way do I want to scream at passengers to carry on a conversation while driving. Just something nice ;-)

I do not have the cash to buy aftermarket exhaust systems at the moment, nor is anything wrong with the stock system yet (except how very well it functions to muffle all exhaust notes lol)

I have searched the archives but have not seen this particular suggestion. I HAVE seen posts about removing the resonator (or is it the silencer?)

My e28 M5 had cats removed, straight pipes in their place and stock muffler. It was perfect volume, maybe leaning toward a wee bit loud for me, but it didn't really have a good muscular rumble or note to it. I'm hoping the V-8 might give a better sound with such an easy fix

Thanks again for all input,Michael in MD

2003 540i 6-speed
Sterling Gray / Black