Hi all,

Been busy here, wanted to drop in and say "hi", hope that you all are doing well, and also to ask a question about something for which I can't find a satisfactory answer to by Googling it.

Where I live in Belgium, you rarely ever have need for snow tires. But, the past two winters have seen some sort of region-wide weather change (the global warming thing changing weather patterns) where we are now starting to not only get snow, but snow that sticks & stays around. When I bought my 528i back in 2005, the German owner (bought the car in Speyer, DE) also gave me a set of 4 brand new Continental "ContiWinterContact TS 810" winter tires, mounted on standard oem-BMW rims. I totally and completely forgot about them. Seriously, I had forgotten about these as I stuck them, soon as I bought the car, away in one of the wood sheds out in the back of my yard (I know, I know, I know, hit me over the head for not having enough sense to put these new tires/rims in the attic and/or house).

My question is thus: they have been sitting out there on a shelf for nearly 5 years. Upon getting a snow shovel out yesterday, I saw them, then checked and was surprised that they still had tire pressure in them; the lowest was about 24psi and the highest almost 30psi, dead cold (it is about 20 F here now). Do you guys think it is still safe, after properly inflating them, to put these basically new winter tires on my car? During the winter, I don't use my 528i on the autobahns, not because of snow, but because of fear of the infamous black ice, something which I've had the unfortunate experience of long ago and equally something which I never want to experience again. Thus, during winters I only use my car for local driving, where maybe 60-70mph is hit as a top-speed once in a while.

I quess what I am asking is that, sure, the tires are new "ContiWinterContact TS 810" Conti(s), but should I be concerned that they've been stored outside in a wooded shed where summer temps reached 80+F and winter freezing temps hit the teens, for 5 years of this continuous thermal cycle? Year round humidity here is a constant 80+%, if that helps any. The tires look to the naked eye to be in great shape, are brand new with less than 1000kms on, but I know when it comes to rubber and/or plastic on any vehicle, looks mean nothing.

Thanks for any hints and/or tips.