After 8 years of super-charged thrills, it's come time to say good-bye to my original dream car. I'll be looking to trade it in for a used 2004-ish 3-series coupe.

At 151k miles, my venerable 1996 Goldeneye-themed roadster is still beautiful with an almost immaculate exterior, but it's developing too many issues to justify continued maintenance. My mechanic has advised me to steer clear of spirited driving from now on, which pretty much kills a big point of my Z.

KBB pegs the resale value of my car to be around $3K (and dealer trade-in = $2k), which a few more mechanics bills will easily add up to that amount. Hell, the next set of tires can cost probably 1/2 my car's value in a year or so. So I've decided it's best to part ways once and for all. I have a fairly long time frame though. The car is still running fine for the foreseeable future if I treat it gently.

Aftermarket parts and mods are one of my considerations in this process. To recap, here's every significant mod I've done to the car:

2) SuperSprint Exhaust
3) Tower strut, and rear strut (Strong Strutt)
4) Whelan shifter
5) Fogged airbox
6) Engine temperature digital display
7) Custom head unit

I am aware that super chargers typically lowers the resale value of my car, but the car value is already super-low at $3K, can it get any worse?

Here are the options I'm looking at:

1) Find my next car at the dealership and trade the Z3 in and accept whatever they'll give me. This is the most hassle-free option.

2) Try to find a knowledgeable buyer and sell him on the value of the aftermarket mods, thus receive a higher sale.

3) Find a normal buyer, and take out as much of the mods as I can, then try to resale the parts separately.

Any suggestions or comments?

1996 BMW Z3 Secret Agent Edition

Licensed to Thrill