Hi All,

My 03 540i has the M-sport suspension but I don't think the sway bars are as thick as the ones on the M5 (15mm vs 16.5?)

I do not, or should I say have not yet, really driven the car hard and too fast but it is obvious to me the front wheels do not want to turn into turns as fast as I'd like (or in other words they seem slow to turn as compared to my other cars)

I sort of understand the basics of under/oversteer but do not really know how it specifically effects steering or how much a 1.5 - 2 mm effects it... so

Will a stiffer bar in the back help turn the car without making it too much to handle in regular & spirited back road driving? I do not want to push the balance so far to oversteer that the rear end wants to come around a lot.

I am more interested in steering effort then I am in stiffening up the body roll etc ...

If this rear bar upgrade is the hot ticket to fast steering, is the M5 16.5 bar the way to go, or, will the 17mm bar give that much more toward what I want??

Thanks again (and these questions have been put to you after I searched the archives ;-)

Michael in MD

2003 540i 6-speed
Sterling Gray / Black