Actually, I was kind of surprised...I figured that car (Infiniti G37 Coupe) should've been able to outrun me.

We both ran through the gears hard...but no matter what he did, he couldn't shake me. I could see the look of frustration on his face every time he checked his rearview mirror and there I was (pair of Angel Eyes staring back at him) not more than 6 ft from his bumper the whole way, it must've seemed like I was glued to was priceless!

As I said, I was surprised though, I really expected him to pull away from me, since he (supposedly) has more HP than I do.


2003 530i (Sport Package) Build Date: 02/03
Titanium Gray over Black
Shadowline Trim
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Zeckhausen Modified CDV
Dinan Upgrades: High Flow Throttle Body, CAI, Stage 3 Software, and Free Flow Exhaust.

Horsepower: some is good, more is better, TOO MUCH is just right!
"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." ~ Mario Andretti
"What’s behind you doesn’t matter." ~ Enzo Ferrari