The initial computer diagnosis said the stalk on the steering column was defectivve ($250). They ordered the part, installed it, and it still didn't work. The diagnosis then said the "module" was defective ($700). They either put in a new module and it didn't work, or somebody's seen this before. It was just a relay. They charge me one hour of labor ($90) and threw in the relay for nothing.

Most places would have stuck me for the $250 stalk, at least.

Sandy Sansing BMW/MINI, Pensacola Florida. If it buy another BMW, it will be because of them and in spite of BMW AG.

I ended up talking to the owner of a Porsche dealership (at their grand opening). He asked me where I got my M3. I told him Sansing. and that I really enjoyed dealing with them. The Porsche dealership owner said "Yeah, they're good people."