I have a 98 528. Two days ago the check engine light came on. I was hoping it was a gas cap issue. After a few starts the light went off. Yesterday the light came back on again. 3 years ago I had the same issue and it was the Cam Position Sensor which I changed and fixed the issue of the engine light.

Today I went to auto zone and had the codes checked:

I had the P0340 code twice and P1519 once.

This issue is that I'm not sure if the P0340 is old or new? Could the Cam Position Sensor be going bad after 3 years? Or is the P0340 an old code and now it's the P1519 code causing the issue. I'm not sure if I cleared the codes 3 years ago. I would hate to buy a new CPS if I don't need it.

Now I have no idea what the P1519 is and how to fix. Any advice here?

The car runs like a champ. Plenty of power and runs smooth. I would hate it to be the CPS and get stranded.