this bearing on the inside of my alternator. I got to thinking about this last year when I did the Bosch and then my Valeo alternator rebuild DIY writeups. On the Valeo, I could not figure out how to remove this bearing if I wanted to replace with a new bearing (I ended up leaving it on, but peeled the rubber o-ring off, cleaned it as best as I could from that side, repack it with new grease, and stuck the rubber o-ring back on).

I know this may not be a stupid question of the week per se, but still, what am I not thinking of in terms of getting this thing off (to note: the shaft absolutely does not slide out through the other way, it is part & parcel of the heavy metal you see in the pic).

I own these tools that help getting bearings off, but they won't work because of how close the bearing is to the back of the metal fins & heavy metal (jaws won't grab, not enough room, nor will the separator tool fit in there because of the metal fins)