After spending alot of time on the various GMC boards, I truly appreciate this board and all those willing to share their real experiences and abilities, solutions, and advice. Far too many snap judgements and just plain wrong diagnostic abilities. So many hip shooters and non thinkers. There are a few good ones but most of the contributors are here today and never heard from again. Many of the folks here have pretty solid foundations and real experiences and experiences on the board for many years crossing or spanning from one e series to the next.

The other boards can only dream of the level this board is at. I cannot seem to find any board with easily accessible solutions or advice or activity.

I remember when I had E34s and I was beginning to look at tis board for E39 advice abd at that time it was full of M wannabes, 20 inch "rim" boppers and blingers concerned about their navigation systems.

What a change a few years makes!!!!!! I experienced the same when switching from the E28 to the E34.

Just want to thank all of you who donate your time and experiences to those who need a little help. Especially after they have been to the dealer and are told the entire system boord needs to be replaced for about 2,000.00 when it turns out to be coroded fuse block, a little cleaning...all is good again.

I will be contributin soon because it's really worth it.

00 540 sport 6 speed