Replaced the left fuel sender and gauge is now fine, but now I have a rear left side tail light problem.

The telltail light in the cluster comes on sometimes. The globes all work but when they don't, wiggle them and they come on. The globes may need replacing as the metal ends are looking pretty flat so I'm thinking the globes may be starting to make intermittent contact.

But I've noticed when the cluster indicates the problem sometimes only one or the other one of the small tail light globes work, other times I've noticed they both do not turn on but the brake light is on very dimly instead ?????

Is it possible the globe carrier has short circuits/corrosion under the crimp joined area?

The intermittent boot latch not working also came back at the same time - which makes me think it's not as simple as the rear light carrier.

Anyone got any ideas of what can cause these symptoms?