It's been years since I have been on this board but that's because I had to let go of BMW for a long time (finanacially impossible). I bought an '08 535i that now has 50k miles on it and runs perfectly. I have the sport suspension with is great except for the lopsidedness of the car. One side sits fine (passenger) but the other is just weird. The rear is much higher than the front??? I don't understand that at all. More importantly, I just bought new AVANT GARDE M310 wheels and fitted them with Hankook v12 245/40/19's in front and 275/23/19's in ther rear. Long story short, the steering wheel and I think the whole car shakes above 45 mph. I had the wheels balanced 3 times. The last of which I had the fronts road force balanced. The 15 threshold was met at a 5! That is very good. I watched as the guy did the test on both wheels twice! The passenger side only has 1 oz. of weights while the problem wheel (if that is what you want to call it) has 3.5 oz of weight on the outer portion of the wheel. When they were both done, the machine displayed an "OK" twice. I intially did not use the hub centric rings and the steering shook pretty bad. Then put them on and the steering shook exatctly like before... meaning NO difference at all. I am running 32 psi of air. What else could possibly be wrong? PLEASE help. Thanks!