I bought a spare set so I could powder coat them and have them ready when I did the valve cover gasket work. Those went on the car last week and I have the crusty looking original ones available. I would like to get the $100 back I paid for them. I will include a set of the 22 bolt seals, 16 of one size and 5 of 6 of the other size (with one missing) that you will need to buy to do the job and they ran $17 from Autohauz Arizona.

It was nice having the time to get them powder coated before doing the job.
2002 540 6 speed, Steel Blue/Black interior, totally loaded with every option, and now with built in Stealth One/Valentine 1. 18" Staggared Privat wheels. I am loving the power again!

2003 525iT, Silver/Black, non-sport, 18" Staggered BBS RC wheels. T boned and traded away.

2000 540 6 speed, Biarritz Blue/Sand, M5 shifter, XM Radio Valentine One/Stealth One hardwired in, 17" style 5 wheels
Sold but never fogotten.

2001 525i, stock, sold