Hi Forum, first of all Merry Xmas to all.

My 645, has developed a weird issue when starting from cold, i will try and describe as the best I can.

When Cold, I would start her up and she would misfire and i would get a EML light on. Switch Off and start again ALL OK - I am getting Cyl 6,7,8 Misfire detected. HOWEVER....

When start for the second time, I am hearing a 'Whizzing sound every 2-3 seconds, when the sound stops the idle jumps and I mean noticably not a small jump, but 700-800 RPM this all in all happens for about 2 minutes, then all is OK - NO CODES at all

The sound seems to be coming from some kind of PUMP located behind the RIGHT BANK (if you are facing the engine)

Again this only happens for about 2 mins.

I am reluctant to send to Main Stealer, as i thought I would try the professionals first (yes you guys)

Again all help or pointers appreciated

BTW - its a UK Car