realOEM diagram and give me their opinion on what is causing my accelerator pedal to exhibit a slight sticking when I first hop in it in the mornings. After about a further 8-12 pedal pushes and letting off, it no longer sticks. Here's the RealOEM link:

Accelerator pedal diagram, '96 528i e39

Note that the actual accelerator cable going into my engine bay and to my throttle body was removed 14 months ago & cleaned and lightly lubed up before reinstalling them (also note the butterfly throttle body mechanisms are smooth as grease, as I just checked by removing the cable ends and working them by hand). Also note, the oem rubber cable ends on the throttle body itself were removed and replaced with machined aluminum ones (I did a writeup on this) so that I no longer ever have to worry about those rubber stops/supports degrading and/or getting hard.

I am wondering, in the realOEM diagram above, could it be that little spring (#8) that is failing? Would it be causing the whole assembly to stick (I always thought if a spring like that failed, the pedal wouldn't stick but would not return to its starting position). That spring looks tricky as heck to remove, as the left side of the diagram is all greyed out and I can't find it anywhere else in RealOEM and/or the TIS diagrams.

If it is not that #8 spring, would it be those two bush bearings (#5) that are wearing and causing the momentary sticking?

Anybody ever worked on their accelerator pedal before? Easy to get apart (after removing the lower dash covering), especially that #8 spring assembly? Or is there a trick I can squirt some WD40 or drop some oil on those #5 bushings without disassembling everything (except for that lower dash covering) to see if that solves the sticking??

Thanks for hints and/or tips.