First of all, I'm probably jinxing my 540, but that's all right.
I keep reading about failed CCV, valley pan, O2 sensors etc. So far my 12 year old/101k beast had none of those problems other than notorious oil leaks.

My point is this: Drive your BMW the way it's meant to be driven, at HIGH rpm. What I mean by it, once the oil temp is about 200, my car sees a lot of 3-5k rpm.This efectively doesn't allow crap to acumulate in the CCV system, cats warm up efectively whic prolongs their life etc.

If you want to cruise around at low rpm and save gas, my suggestion is buy a japanese car which most of the engines are the designed to run lower rpms.

This is not my imagination but it's proven and said by people smarter than me. Of course, let's not forget the idiotic BMW prolonged maintenace intervals.

Of course my car will eventually sees all those problems, but the young age and low milleage of some BMW's with these problems is ridicilous.

That's all I have to say about that. (I stole this line from Forest Gump)

1998 BMW 540i 6 speed
Arctic silver, M sport suspension (euro delivery), prod. date 05/98, non VANOS
Staggered 18" style 32 OEM wheels
3.15 open differential
Remus exhaust
AFE CAI with improved heat shield
Z3 shifter
VDO oil pressure and temperature gauges in place of headlight/fog switches
Powder coated valve covers-satin black
CDV delete
AEA DRL module (aftermarket daytime running lights)

1997 BMW 528iA
Alpine white, premium package, prod. date 04/97, single VANOS
Staggered 17" style 32 OEM wheels
AEA DRL module
Custom made sun blinds for rear seating area

2000 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner, AKA "The Work Horse"

Garage aids:
Direct Lift Pro Park 8
Campbell Hausfeld 28 gallon oil lubricated air compressor
Newair ACP-1400H portable air conditioner and heater
Auto Enginuity scan tool with BMW enhanced option
Actron 9135 scan tool-for quick readouts