1997 528i with 148K miles. I'm still in Afghanistan, but was able to come home over the holidays. The recent problem with the ABS sensor was corrected (I hope!) with the replacement of the front wheel speed sensors. (Note: The local BMW Dealer wanted $900 parts and labor. I ordered parts from Bavarian for $214 and replaced both in under 30 minutes. The battery was also low and the dealer wanted $482 for a new battery! $320 was for installation of the battery! Unbelievable. New battery from the dealer, which I bought was $165.)

At any rate, they have a program for deployed folks where you can order BMWs straight from the factory for approximately 16% under MSRP and they deliver directly to the local dealer. I have promised my daughter a new car if she obtained a full college scholarship, which she has now accomplished so it is time for me to make good on my offer. She has been driving the 1997 528i but I don't want her driving the car back and forth to college on the interstate.

She wants a 318i which I can get thru this program for under $30K. Not too bad. What can I expect to get from the 528i with no issues from a private sale? Engine and transmission both solid as a rock. Body straight with only parking lot dings. Stock in all ways. Any thoughts?? Does $3K sound reasonable?

Also note the best deal in the car purchase program was a new Ford Mustang with 412hp for $22K but I did not want that much hp for her.

Any thoughts?Gordon Jones
1997 528i