I have been having real problems sourcing the correct plastic plug-in-nut for my E39 touring rear license plate cover.
BMW parts appears to have changed the part number, which was originally 51180141711 and horseshoe shaped, to a round plug-in-nut, pn 51181852299. The new part number does NOT secure the cover, pn 51138244885, to the trunk lid as the diameter is too small. I have gone to two different BMW parts counters and have also called BMW NA but no-one seems to have any idea how to address this problem. I also learned that several other customers in recent months have had similar issues with no satisfaction. Anyone have any ideas? (Some of you have suggested using duct tape, sourcing from a recycling yard or similar bandaids but I would prefer a more elegant solution.) Surely someone out there has a clue?
Best and Happy New Year!