I ordered the BSW Stage I upgrade in the middle of December. So while I was waiting for the speakers to arrive, I decided to prep the car so the actual work for the installation would be quick. Well, the speakers are still listed as 'Pending Fulfillment' since 12-12-10. Since the door panels were already off, I decided to replace the window sliders on both sides.
Both installs went very well. I moved rather slow on the first door and door #2 was only about a 10 minute process. My windows no longer stop 1/2 way up.
A few notes:
- I called the Stealership and was quoted $3.85 per slider. When I picked them up an hour later, the price was $9 per. They dropped the price according to the phone quote.
- I didn't remove the airbag, just unbolted it and moved it aside.
- Since I'm STILL WAITING for the speakers, I'm wondering what else I can do as a quick fix while all the panels are off. Maybe time to replace the seat bushings?