This is for Shogun, who seems to know more about E-32's than anyone. I have a incredibly nice 1990 735 with very low miles. I have owned it for 5 years, and last year we started getting strong odors when using heat or AC. I am well aware of the leaks that develop in the heater cores (I have replaced two of them on previous cars). The mystery here is it is not tne normal coolant smell this time, nor is there any telltale residue on the windows. It is very much like an exhaust or crankcase smell. Can you think of a way to do a "test" to determine if it is a leaking core before I tear everything apart? I hate that job, unless it is really necessary. A few months ago I removed the glove box and right side heater supply duct so I could see in there. I found a lot of pink fiberglass insulation in front of the evaporater, which told me a mouse had been living in there some time back. I removed all the insulation with a stiff wire, but found no "mouse parts". I sprayed a chemical in there which is made for eliminating oders like that, and the smell seemed to be gone, but only for a few days. It is still there. Any ideas. This is the finest 735 I have ever owned (and I have had many) but I am tired of this stuff. I am 6'2' and will have to remove both seats to even have comfortable working room. The build quality of these older cars is so much better than the new ones, which is why I have stayed with the older ones. I just get tired of fixing the same problems, year after year. This rare example only has 72K and I really want to keep this one forever.

I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

Garry in Portland