Begging some help ... application is a US 1979 733i automatic. 92+ thousand; Spanish AMC (AMG?)head installed @ aprox 45000 which is extremely clean inside and out(class action suit?); body and orig paint and even interior good for 30+ years old; AC was irreversably, cost-prohibitively disabled; *did* have original all else and it mostly all worked as originally designed.

In the process of *extensive* upgrades. (Son has taken to calling it 'FrankenBimmer")

Among many things, I am upgrading to 91 5/6/7 class, 3.2-compatable intake. Was able to score new Bowden cable from BMWPartsCounter just before they closed down their site. Also have T-body, cable, grommets, bushings, fasteners & mounts from 1984 733i. Also got the pedal lever from the 84 - but the pedal lever(s) are *drastically* different from 79 to 84. So ...

Need help understanding how the pedal lever from the 84 is mounted in the footwell. Primary question is: is the 84 accel pedal lever mounted in a revised version of the "pedal support bracket"? ; or is it mounted to a 2-collar plate, spot welded to the driver's footwell slope - similarly to how the 2-collar plate is to the firewall for the 79? (see for reference, respectively and )

Pictures would help me immensely - truthfully, I am not even certain where and how the "pedal" end of the B cable mounts in/to the firewall. So pics there would help also. I have spent hours searching images on the net and searching forums such as this one, but all to no avail. Was also unable to find local breaker yard with an example. (84 parts were purchased online).

Should anyone be interested, I have given this project many many hours of research, thought, planning, sketching, etc. I am more than happy to share any or all of this info, including digpics with arrows and notes, with all those whom wish it. I am no novice at giving older European autos - especially those with very "challenging" wiring designs - a new life. This is however my first BMW. But understand that before I ever touched this 733i, as is my [cough - "obsessive" - cough] habit, I spent innumerable hours learning about it's engineering and concepts via any media available - mostly hard copy and internet research. I have invested in surprisingly expensive, original, BMW-produced shop manuals and electrical references and studied them painstakingly.

Additional info for the curious ... Because here in WA state this old girl will not be required to go through emissions testing, and did not even come originally equipped w/ a cat cnvrtr, I have removed ALL AGR/EGR equip and related wiring and relays. Gone are: Reactors and related piping; EGR valve; air pump and release valve; goofy vacuum and vac valve octopus monstrosity; also that goofy valve gizmo that sat under the plenum/intake with the coolant going through it (2 of the 3 sensors on there move to the later model thermostat housing). All remnants of the AC are gone, from the climate control box inside, to the compressor etc and their mounts (not really happy about it, but it would have added too much to the costs). Pursuant to no AC, redesigned the vacuum routing and valve usage for the remaining climate control functions. 79 mechanical throttle linkage and 8 piece intake are gone. The intake and throttle body is now a combination of 91 intake and 91 T-body itself, with parts from 84 T-body to facilitate the reversed direction of the kick-down cable and mounting of the Bowden throttle cable. 91 fuel rail, 3 bar reg and hard under-plenum fuel lines. Rebuilt 84 low imp injectors that will work with existing L-Jet cpu. Still working on how to incorporate the 79 style mechanical decell valve into the 84 MAF-to-Tbody boot air routing. Engine bay wiring harnesses have all been stripped back to good clean splice points and new wire matching size and at least the original wire base color has been run and/or lengthened as circumstances require. Wiring for removed items such as the egr vacuum valves has been cut out in as intact-as-poss units, and remaining wires taped off and labeled. Waiting to see if I can get away with no cold start valve.

Sorry. I'll stop there.

Many thanx in advance.
WA state
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