Yes - it failed at 62k - should have been proactive and done it sooner. Thankfully I was pulling into a parking lot as it happened. Only broke the fan shroud . . will know about fan after I get it out. Never done a water pump on this vehicle, so hope goes well for an old hobbiest.

But it appears I need that flat 32mm wrench and the special tool to hold the shaft while I remove the fan clutch nut. Before I buy them new, does anyone have either/both of these they would liket to sell?
I have a M52 engine (2000 Z3 2.5) and am in Central Texas. Thanks!

Brian - email to [email protected]

PS - odd thing is this happened within a week of my buying a "replacement" car for the Z, although I wasn't ready to sell it after 11 years of terrific service. Do you think it got made at me??