Hello All,
I've owed my '00 540 for about 5 months now. I purchased it as an extra family car. I hadn't owned a V8 car in a while and driving the 540 has proven to be a bit of an addiction. I have another "toy" vehicle that I am selling and was considering building a hotrod or musclecar to replace it. It occured to me that the "toy" vehicle, fun though they are, do not get used regularly, and its a bit of a waste of resources.

Driving the 540 it also occured to me that it was almost the perfect blend of "toy" and practical. I say almost because I want to tinker with it, mod it, etc. I'm guessing that the 6 speed 540 is even more fun, and the M5 even better than that.

I could keep the 540 and mod it, right up to supercharging it, to get the power I think will make it "right". OR I sell the 540 and buy a used 540 6speed, and then mod that. OR I sell the 540 and just buy an M5. It would seem that if I spend the coin to mod or mess with a 540, stick or auto, it would be easier to just find a good M5.

So what say the mob? Is the 6 speed stick that much better than the auto? I'm guessing the M5 is better, by a large margin, than everything else. Never driven one though...