hiya all
i have just bought a late 95 740a,im in the uk.
i have read many many posts on here about the heater issue but mine doesnt seem to be covered.

when i bought the car i never noticed there was no heat out of the heater matrix,heater controls all seem to be fine,temp goes up and down on display but none out of vents,blower speeds up and slows as it should.centre dash vent set on red dot not blue.
i have noticed that theres no blowing on the drivers footwell either.i suspected the heater valve on engine bulkhead.i took it of and connected the electrical wires to it,the pump operates.
i connected it back to the pipes and bled system.
still no change.
reading other posts it only mentions failing in the hot position not the cold.
as the weather has been in the minus for a few weeks i darent drive it for fear of freezing inside the car.
any ideas guys?
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