Just an FYI, got the 540i back together after Valve Covers, water pump and t/stat (and a few other things that I decided to get into). Wen to fire it up..... it started fine and then I looked past windshield and under the open hood to see a fine mist of something coming up from the engine area. Thought it was probably one of the quick connect hoses that I didn't get all the way on......WRONG ! The high pressure fuel hose that hooks into the injection rail had a pinhole in it and was happily spraying finely misted gas all over the engine. This hose looked fine when I moved it out of the way to get the VC off. Felt firm, no soft spots, etc. My car is a 2001, I'm beginning to think this might be worth changing evry 5-6 years or so. Oh, and btw, it's a dealer only and no one within 200 miles had one (I live between Phil and Balt). Finally found one at a dealer outside DC.

Just something you all might want to look at. The hose isn't that expensive, if ordered on line it's about $28.00