Having a problem with the Cats on the wagon. One of the reasons I bought this car in September was that the Cats had just been replaced (5/2010). They now have less than 6k miles on them since replacement. They are Eastern Catalytic units made for the car, not universal weld-ins. The right side on started rattling on startup about 4 weeks ago (rattle went away after about 3-5 minutes) and then about 10 days ago rattled very loudly and car spit out a few large pieces of honeycomb like a cat clearing a furrball. Now the left is doing the same thing and also mileage has dropped about 2 mpg. I intially chalked up the mileage drop to putting on the winter sneakers but now I'm wondering if I've got a muffler full of s#$%. I have the packing slip that was in with the cats to show when they were purchased.

I sent an email to Eastern Catalytic Customer Service this morning, a copy of which is below. I'll let everyone know how this pans out. I'm thinking I'm going to be very disappointed if they don't cover it.

BTW, no, there is no external damage. Car has been on lift and the Cats checked and there is not a mark on them.

Here's the email :

Email sent to Eastern Catalytic on 1/12/11

Good Morning,

I recently purchased a BMW 540i from a private owner (09/2010). He had replaced the Cats with your part #s EAS 40687 and EAS 40688 in May of 2010. Car is a 2001 BMW 540i. At the time of installation car had 87670 miles, currently has 93550. Less than 6000 miles since install. The right side Cat started to rattle about 2 weeks ago and then got very loud and actually spit a couple of golf ball size pieces of honey comb out the tailpipe while I was working on it in the garage (I have these pieces). Now the left side has also started rattling and making noise and I'm concerned the same thing is happening and also that the pieces may be clogging a very expensive muffle (fuel mileage is down about 2 mpg). To answer the obvious question - there is no external damage to the Cats. Car has been on a lift and there are no marks such as scraping a curb or anything else on them. This appears to be an internal failure of the material. I do not have the actual invoice as the Cats were purchased online and he neglected to print the invoice. I do however have the packing slip that was with them when shipped which shows part numbers and date of shipment.

I would ask that you please consider warranty coverage for these units and let me know how to proceed. One of the reasons I purchased this car was that the Cats were new and were not a "universal weld-in". As an aside I should mention that I currently own 2 BMW's, do almost all the maintenance on 2 more and am a BMWCCA member and active on 2 separate BMW forums online. I look forward to you earliest response. I can forward a copy of the packing slip when requested.

Thank You