So apparently my water pump seized. this caused the belt to go crazy around the pullies eventually shredding and snapping. this then took out the fan and fan clutch (how, i don't know). this cut up the upper and lower rad hoses.

i get the water pump seizing and the belt and damage to the fan and hoses. they (the mechanic) has the broken fan and shards so i can't dispute that happening. i dont get how the fan clutch broke though but i do know the fan wasnt easy to turn (if at all).

thing is... they quoted $1600 for the job (canadian but right now canadian = USD). they are an indie shop and they have been great to do business with so i trust them as much as i can trust a good shop. they quoted $400 for the fan clutch so they are obviously using an expensive parts source.

but what can i do? i can't say, don't do the job because then what? i limp the car home, order the parts online, and try and do this job in -10C weather outside in toronto?

sigh. i lament for me 84 528e... a seized water pump would not have cause this much expensive damage. i guess thats the difference between an 84 528e "iron" and a 2000 540i.