So, i took everyone advise from a few weeks ago and decided to remove the trans selector switch from the bottom driver side of the trans in my '99 528i.

I've done this job before on my 98 Jeep Cherokee, and cleaned / repositioned it to fix its problems, so i figured this job couldn't be too much harder.

but, i'm having problems.

I've removed the arm from the output shaft on the trans that goes through the selector switch. Easy. Next up are the two Torx head bolts holding the switch to the trans. This is where my luck turns bad.

Theres very little room between the head of the bolt and the floor board of the car, so i only have room for a little tiny T25 torx driver, that uses a 1/4" box-end ratcheting wrench to drive it.

So far, I've manage to twist the ends of 2 T25 torx drivers. The bolt hasn't budged. I also feel that i'm on the verge of slipping and stripping out the heads on the bolts. Even if i get a better torx driver, i feel like its going to strip the bolt head.

I figure its been installed with thread locker. Usually a lot of heat would fix this, but the switch body is plastic.

Not enough room to tap on the heads with a hammer to loosen them...

Any other ideas?

ALSO, whats the trick to disconnecting the round connector a few inches away to let it drop down? The top half rotates freely, the second part looks like it should be rotated, but doesn't budge. Is there a locking lever i need to press somewhere?

Today is my only warm day to work on the car! Please help ASAP!- Nano
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