Is anyone having a problem with the transfer case? I have a BMW 2001 x5 4.4i port package I have 180,000 mile on it and have had nothing but problems with it. My current issue I with the transfer case making a gear skipping noise and it sound allot like what I hear from all the forums that it's the splines that are stripping from the short shaft. Everyone talks about it being a design flaw which I would agree. Has anyone had any success with complaining to BMW North America? Honestly I feel like starting a class action law suit. I purchased a MBW as I thought I was buying a quality car instead it's been nothing but junk!
List of problems I have had
Blower Resistor going causing battery drain
Door handles freezing on front and rear, had to replace.
suspension busing on front and back all going bad.
Battery has had to be replaced several times.
Various electronic modules going bad.
I have also noticed BMW service to be completely dishonest and horrible at diagnosing solution. Its as all they want to do is fix everything that is not wrong with the car. I have even caught them red handed sabotaging parts when I brought it in for them to diagnose problems. 2 years ago I brought my x5 to Morristown BMW and they told me I needed a new CV shaft as the boot that covers the shaft that goes to your front wheel was knocked off, they told me I needed it replaced as the boot was off and exposing the joint. Little did they know I had this replaced a few months ago with a new one and I has just under my car the that same day and the boot that cover it was fine. I know they pulled the boot off deliberately so they could get more work from me. The dealers CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. I wonder is anyone else have had similar thoughts.