Coolant hose came off the 540 water pump on the way home tonight. Stopped at a nearby Walgreens and put the hose back on, bought 2 gal. of premix antifreeze, topped up the coolant, and headed for home to bleed the system and fill it up properly. Temp got to red then dropped (heater on full blast) so no biggie. Went to pop the hood - nothing. Suckage meter starts to peg. Found a post on another forum that was invaluable - here's the trick - To release the hood when the cable breaks, pull the driver's side kidney grill, look around up under the hood with a mirror toward the driver's side (left side of the car) until you see a little bracket that has 2 cables hooked to it. Use a pick or whatever and push that bracket (kinda hard) toward the driver's side, the hood will release. There are 3 cables in the hood release system, I will replace all of them, found a place that sells them as a kit. So if you ever need to open a stuck hood, I hope this helps.