Temp was -15C. Car sat all night/morning. Started up fine. Drove for 20 mins. Stopped for 5 mins and went to re-start. click click click. Thinking, battery or starter. Click... Click........ Click......... seemed more like the battery. Called CAA. Told 1.5 hours to get to me for a boost. After 1.5 hour wait, nothing. I needed to get to Canadian Tire to get the famed 10-4900-0 replacement. Time was 4.30pm so I cancelled the CAA called (and complained) and called a cab that charged me $20 to boost my car (******s). Car started. Got to CT, bought the battery ($140 including a 9 year free replacement warranty, if you don't know their warranty it means unlimited free replacements for 9 years - pretty damn good). But the car was starting fine, even after sitting for 2.5 hours in -15C weather.

Why would the battery "die" the first time and then seem to be ok. Is this more weird E39 [Oops!]?plexus
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