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    Wagon Roof Rails Removal ??

    Just saw a wagon with the roof rails off (maybe never had them, don't know). I really like the look especially since I am planning on going the Sport suspension route and 18" staggered wheels in the spring.

    has anyone removed the roof rails ?? How much of a PITA is it and can it be done so that the car is restored or are there large water seeking holes left in roof ?

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    yes holes, if I remember correctly

    Seems like the headliner had to be removed to get to them but I just can't remember Mine was a 99

    you will either have to epoxy the holes, put plugs into the holes and seal them, or weld them shut, I don't think the rails look bad at all and do not detract from the looks of the car. But without those rails there is a large expanse of flat (slightly arched metal that can be dented easily.

    I never removed mine but I seem to remember looking at how they were attached because there was a problem with mine but I wound up selling the wagon after a few months and never looked at it again.

    00 540 sport 6 speed.

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