I'm 23 years old and just bought my first BMW! its a 2001 325i sedan with manual transmission. I paid 5000 bucks for it ( Canadian, cuz i live i Ontario) it has 130 000 miles. Came with new tires and a replaced clutch. There are however some problems already, the bushings need to be replaced and the passenger side windows are also shot.. the front passenger still goes down about six 8 inches but after that it has trouble and doesn't wanna go back up without a little help

This is also the first manual car i ever owned... needless to say i'm not the best with the clutch, i stalled her about a dozen times my first week of driving. i got a lot better with it tho.

My biggest worry right now is that there wasn't very much paperwork that came with the car, i don't know when or if the previous owner did a transmission flush, i heard regardless of the manual, this should be done.

The car feels great!!! Picks up like new, i get about 350 miles per tank of gas and sound system bumps! I've become a Bimmer fan for LIFE!!

any feedback, advise, warnings would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!