My '03 530i SP/5sp is no more. I'm considering an E46 coupe comparably equipped in the last couple production years. The engine remains the M54 (even in the 2006?), no surprises there.

E39 common issues:
Control Arm bushings
Pixels failing in Inst cluster and MID (head unit)
Sunroof lift arms breaking (no tilt, loose sunroof)
Door vapor seal leaks (water in foot wells)
Cooling system longevity (rad, water pump primarily)

Are there any OBTW's (rear floor failures?) for the E46 that might be good to know about? I'll be doing most of the maintenance. Does the smaller engine compartment make routine work more challenging?

I'm sure it'll be a challenge to find the right car: reasonably low miles for its age, PP, SP, 6sp, and a color combo that is not ubiquitous.


2003 530i SP/PP/Xenon