So I'm looking at in-dash BMW Business CD Players for a '97 E39
and have a few questions to those in the know:

1. How important is it to get the right BMW part number for an
in-dash CD player (considering that the round to flat pin conversion
cables are available to fit all E39 models?

2. How important is it that the "SW/No., HD/No., KW and AI" , on the
CD Player label, match up to a particular E39 model or Alpine MID/Radio model?

I have been told to watch out for a combination of the
following for a replacement in-dash CD for a '97 528i:

__________________________________________________ ___

BMW Part No. 65 12 6 909 881 (US Version)
or, BMW 65 12 6 943 433 (Euro Version)

(Software) SW/No. 42
(Hardware) HD/No. 41

__________________________________________________ ___

Does it matter that many BMW (Alpine Made), CD players have different
labeling info on them ... even if they are either round or flat pin models,
seeing that they can all be hooked up with either of the following available
BMW conversion hardware?

BMW Part No. : 61 12 6 913 954 (CD Changer Adapter Cable) $20.00
BMW Part No. : 61 12 6 913 955 (Antenna Adapter Tubing) $34.00
BMW Part No. : 61 12 6 913 957 (Radio Cable Adapter) $58.00