Good day guys. I have a serious problem. I searched the archives with no answer to this problem.

It started off being that the brakes would stick and heat up to the point that the ATE fluid would boil, hence no brakes. I changed my brake bomb, I rebuilt all four calipers, installed new pads and rotors and I still have the brakes sticking. My next move before buying a brake master cylinder is to replace the "BRAKE PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL SWITCH p/n 34331150922" Does anyone have any suggestions?

When the car is cold, the brakes work perfectly. Brake pedal feel is tight. When the car is in a flat surface, I throw the car in "N" and the car freely rolls back and forth. After I drive it for about 5 miles, I start seeing my MPG drop and an awful smell of cooking brake pads. If I tap the brakes repeatedly, the brakes do not recover. Of course the pedal gets more spongy as the brakes build up heat and stick. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Car is decommissioned until I can resolve this.

Great thanks in advance.


1991 BMW 850i (black-USA)