Here's the issue:
Is there any alternative way of figuring out how many miles my car has aside from looking at what is displayed directly on the odometer? I can't seem to find anything in the OBC unlock mode, but maybe some OBC tool can figure it out or the GPS system has it stored on there?
Below explains why I am curious.

I just bought a 2000 740I sport. When I got it, it had 69,000 miles, however, something rather disturbing occurs which might explain why they are so low. All at once, the ABS and traction control lights randomly illuminate, and the odometer, trip-odometer, speedometer, and mpg indicator stop working. I brought it to the dealership (bad idea) and they convinced me to replace the ABS module, some DSC module (I think it was the DSC pressure sensor...the cheaper part), and the rear wheel speed sensor.
Five hours later after getting the car back, it happened again. I brought it back (because they were not going to charge to look at it again) and they claimed that I need an entire new DSC module ($1,300) and the other rear wheel speed sensor is dying. According to them, the DSC module is also "dying." I don't understand how that is possible because, like a light bulb, fuse, or any computer chip, it's either dead or alive, not in between, but I could be wrong. I did not have those parts replaced though.
Interestingly, I unplugged the ABS fuses and put them back in and the problem did not occur for the rest of last night (I am back at school and will not be able to drive the car for another week or two to truly assess whether that fixed it or not).

Something else I think that might be causing this problem is water. When I rev the engine, I can hear a sloshing sound. When I got the car, it had a cracked radiator hose and other various leaks in the cooling system and water pump. It also made the sloshing sound when it had the leaks. (I mentioned that to BMW the first time and they did not address it, and they did not address it the second time either). I'm guessing that since there was a leak, some air got trapped in the system and they did not bleed it properly or drain it correctly or something like that. If there is some water floating around where it shouldn't be, is it possible that it is causing something to trip out and make those lights come on? [I am hoping the abs dsc issue is the result of the leaks and not some electrical thing that has been going on since the guy had the car].