OK, so I might take some heat for this one but with 25% tinted windows it's hard to see when backing up at night.
I have to give Randall (Spray 540) credit for this mod, he did it first and email me his link on youtube. He's the guy that was molding and machining parts when he went to the U of Salt Lake or some college in Utah.
The HID kit came from eBay, $35 shipped, the other parts I had in my collection of "good stuff" not ready to be tossed out.
This would be much harder to do requiring some hefty cutting if done to the OEM tail light assy. With aftermarket smoked lenses it was pretty easy to do.
This replaces the 21 watt lamps with 35 watt HID bulbs, they generate more heat, but after having them on for 2 minutes I could still keep my hand on the plastic lens. Don't think I'll ever need to backup for more than 2 min. Warm up time for the HID's to get to full intensity is 3-4 seconds.
Randall also installed a switch in the cabin to turn on the HID's while driving forward, for the cars behind you that won't turn off their high beams. Sounds like a good option, only requires that you ground one wire that connects to the instrument cluster.