To pre-empt any future "micro bubble" sagas I think I'd like to look into ordering a power bleeder to my snowbirding parents before they leave FL. Since this stuff can be fraught with extra fees when I order cross-border I'd probably be looking for something with a number of adapters for different brands (and a brand who is likely to put out future adapters if new MC cap types are produced down the road). Right now the family fleet is all bimmers but won't stay that way.

I've heard mention of BAV (which might be Motive) and Motive - anyone else I should consider? I'm not running a shop and don't need a particularly large, heavy duty or flashy kit. I also don't want it to take up a third of my parents' trunk on the way back to Canada. Is something like the Motive Universal kit #0250 going to be OK? In the product pics I don't see actual screw in cap adapters like on the XLT 0260 or Magnum 0380 kit. I don't want "universal" in the sense that it fits everything equally poorly - I want real fitted adapters for at least Euro, if not most cars. Maybe I need the XLT kit?

Best place to buy based on price? Do any retail chains in FL sell Motive instead of mail ordering (checked "where to buy" already - nothing close to 32541)? Thanks!