I won't drag up my old brake thread from the fall, but it's

I still have this behaviour continuing through the winter to a certain extent. The pedal is firm, but lower on first application. On second application it's better but after time has passed it is "less better" than right after a bleed in warmer weather. I've activated ASC/ABS a bunch of times since the slippery weather is here now and I can do it without being hard on the equipment.

The master cylinder job looks like a PITA, at least the inside portion, and MCs aren't cheap. I can save over $100 I'd say by ordering an MC from autohausAZ to my parents in FL while they are down there.

How sure are "we" that I need a new MC and it's not something else? If I need it no matter what I might as well save $100. If there's more troubleshooting and power bleeding to be done before being sure then there's no reason for me to waste over $200.

Thanks, roadfly!