I am not an electrical genius. The bentley wiring diagrams tell me nothing that I can figure out.

So...with that in mind. Many years ago I "upgraded" to elipsoid headlights. Wired them in and was on my way with not very improved lighting. After awhile, the headlights would have a delay in coming on after pulling the interior switch. But they would come on. Then, after awhile, only one light would come on. I looked all around but couldn't figure it out. Started with good bulbs of course. So I pulls out the switch and there is a big black burn mark at one of the terminal ends. I figure the swithc is 27 years old or so, so I gets a another used one. Put it in and nothing -- no lights. Plunk around a bit and the one that was off comes on, and the one that was on stays off. All I did was check the fuses. Now I went out again today and messed around and looked at the fuses. All the relays are recent, but pulled them just to see if there were any obvious issues. Didn't really see any. But now I am still with only 1 low beam working and now when I pull the headlight switch out, my radio cuts out.

any help anyone? Sorry about the typos-- I cut the s&* out of my fingers on another project and am bandaged up.