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    Oil Pressure

    Have a question that hopefully someone can help me with. I rebuilt the M52 in my car after detonation fried a piston.
    (1st engine rebuild that I have ever done)
    New rings, injectors refurbed, head machined, new gaskets, etc.
    To my astonishment, it fired first time, ran rough and then smoothed out as the ICV, etc. relearned. My problem is oil pressure at idle. When I stop at a light, the oil pressure light comes on after 3-4 sec and stays illuminated until rpm's are back over 1K. It idles good but only at 550-600. Compression is good, all vacuum lines replaced, intake and air boot without tears, etc. Changed oil pressure switch replaced. So here are my questions: Could ICV cause this? Cam timing? Vanos?

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    I know very little, but I'll give it a try

    Is there a screw that the throttle bottoms out on, under the hood?

    In the Bentley manual, it says idle is non-adjustable.

    ICV can definitely cause this. Check electrically first If OK, then clean. If not, replace.



    ICV info below


    Resistance measurements

    Looking at outlet, flow arrow on left

    1-2 = 10.4 Ohms
    1-3 = 22.1 Ohms
    2-3 = 11.6 Ohms

    Bosch spec
    1-2 = 12 to 16 Ohms, 10 Ohms min
    1-3 = 24 to 32 Ohms, 20 Ohms min
    2-3 = 12 to 16 Ohms, 10 Ohms min

    Removal & cleaning notes

    5/25/08 5:31 PM
    No need to remove intake manifold. Remove the mass air flow sensor and rubber intake boot. Remove four screws holding on the throttle body, but leave all hoses and cables attached to the throttle body and push it out of the way. Remove the bolt that holds the dipstick tube in place. You should now be able to see the ICV valve hiding beneath the intake plenum. Remove the 3-pin plug connector from the ICV and take out the 2 bolts that secure the ICV in place. Slip the ICV down and out from the intake plenum, pull off the hose attached to it and remove from engine.

    To clean, fill a 1 cup glass Pyrex measuring cup with 8oz of rubbing alcohol (donít tell your wife), and place ICV in rubbing alcohol for 30 minutes. Remove from alcohol and allow to completely dry. I also used carb cleaner and a rag to clean out the throttle body.
    Install everything in reverse taking care to ensure all seals are tight.

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