I have a 2000 130K miles 528, purchased at 60K miles. I have been through my set of pains water pump, radiator, maf, leaks etc etc. Now this problem has come up and I am clueless.
My car has been leaking oil for a month or so. Week ago, I open the hood and the steering fluid reservoir is nearly empty. I top it up and decide to look into it in when I get tax refund.
Then on Friday evening driving home from work the battery light comes on. On Saturday morning the car wouldn't start and I needed to jump it. I drive for 20 miles or so and slowly all electrical system begin to shut down, wipers went slower and slower and the instrmentation panel dimmed till it was all dead, and then car shuts down.
Call my friend and take out the battery to take it to AutoZone (the battery is only 2yrs or so old). They check the battery it is totally drained. They charge it for an 2 hours and test it again and tell me all is well with battery. Put it in car, drive and again in around 10 miles the car dies. The battery is totally drained.
Funny thing is today morning the car starts in one turn and I take it to a local indy, he tells me he can't tell what is wrong. No check engine code. Nothing. And again this evening the car dies :(
While at the mechnanic shop he tell me the steering pump is leaking crazy and he needs to replace it.
What do I do? Since the alternator is near the steering pump , could it have caused problems? What else?
I am loosing sleep. I just don't need car agony with all thats going on in my life.