This guy is suppose to be good and honest, for what it's worth.
First he does not work on BMW VW Saab those 3 are a pain to work with parts codes etc.. He said that the dealer could be right about my seals in the torque converter considering the mileage 171,000. He did not recommend a filter and oil change if the car is working fine now he thinks that could screw it up. Drive it and see if the trans goes for awhile, might go for awhile before it trips a code again. He said if it starts to happen often that the fix is a New Trans. He did not suggest to find someone to repair it. He's not looking to do the job, just giving his opinion and suggestions. Everything on my car works fine, I try and keep up with it. I have a new set of street tires, new Blizzaks snows on separate rims. Just did the CCV, Had BMW fix the oil leak on the oil filter housing. Everything is good except a possible weak trans. What a great car, I will have to do some thinking on this one. Maybe start looking into another 5'er, I was trying to wait for a used 2011 as I like the new style........I can't buy new not that rich, couple years old with 40/50,000 miles. got 100,000 miles out of this one for $20,000

Jim thanks again for all your help