Recently had a UUC lightweight flywheel with the m3/m5 clutch installed on my 99m coupe. Shortly thereafter, I had engine rev and timing issues, and had to have the vanos unit replaced, chain tensioner replaced, and cam sensor replaced and pulley replaced. Was running fine after that for 2 weeks, and then again today out of nowhere the engine started acting up all of a sudden and now an air mass sensor and crankshaft seņor error codes phase come up with the CEL. Engine ha s no power and the runs like crap - really rough and out of synch. Anyone else ever have any similar problems after installing a lightweight flywheel? Coupe has 66k miles and has never had any engine issues ever -until now... Seems more than coincidental that all of this happens all of a sudden after switching to lightweight flywheel and new clutch. Any possibility the install was screwed up somehow to cause this? Or any other reason?
Thanks much for any help